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The Intimate Details

All About Mary Catherine

A little warning...

...if you don't like cuss words it is probably best you hit the mute button on some of  Mary Catherine's videos or scroll past some posts. She enjoys throwing out some cuss words.


Mary Catherine understands that is not for everyone but she lives by the motto,

"Be You. Do You. For You." and she believes everyone else should live by it as well. So really, she doesn't care if it bothers you and she will not apologize for it. Her Society Says Instagram Reels Series is one of her favorites to do, as she loves to go against the norm and color outside the lines. 

*Admittedly, the above statement of not apologizing or caring to bend to what "others/society" deem to be appropriate has never been more true for Mary Catherine than AFTER the last two years of finding, loving and being herself. While she always spoke her mind, she muzzled herself to a certain extent, until now; when all bets are OFF!

Speaking of...

Mary Catherine Soulsby is an outspoken wife and mom. A Durham, North Carolina native (GO TARHEELS!), she grew up dancing the nights and even days away, literally, as a Dance Major at East Carolina University, before becoming a stay-at-home mom to her son, Dean. 

Wife to...

...Jason for 15+ years, she admits that it has not always been an easy feat to stay together. Truthful about their good times, but also transparent about the challenges and obstacles faced, she does not hide behind the "perfect marriage facade". It is just not her way and never has been, even before she started her self-love journey.


Starting couples therapy two years ago, Jason and Mary Catherine have both grown exponentially. Huge advocates of therapy, especially going as a couple; they are not afraid to admit their relationship needed a major overhaul. Their struggles are like so many others who have grown together over the years. She has not ever felt the need to say they don't fight and Mary Catherine knows that she can be a major cause of them. While she loves being married, she is the first to admit that marriage, at times, is simply awful. That is just a fact despite it being harsh to say!


Mary Catherine has always said that she has a husband that at many moments she did not think she deserved, but she now knows deep in her heart that she most certainly does.


Grateful and blessed, Jason is her best friend; doing life without him would, Mary Catherine's words, "suck ass."

Many years ago...

...she had an idea and a dream to write her first novel, well a trilogy to be exact and it was not until she was into her first year of her self-love journey that she finally had the courage to actually write and publish it. 


Mary Catherine knew it would be sexy and fun but would also include a touch of the taboo, while at the same time empower women to find, accept and revel in their feminine selves. Book #1, Tempting Vows, is the first novel in the Behind the Doors of Luxury Series. It can be found on Amazon via the links above or simply search for it on the Amazon app. Book #2, Open Vows is coming out in late 2022 and will be a juicy follow-up to the first book; going deeper into the sexy and very complicated life of Ava Mae Donaghue. 

Mary Catherine is excited that she has also begun a new creative adventureHappiness After All which is not exactly all figured out yet, but will hopefully be released just in time for the ball to drop on New Years Eve of 2022 to help ring in the New Year of 2023, with a fresh view on life, themselves and with raw, real and honest guidance to start a journey of self-love that creates a life filled with joy and happiness. Read more about both by clicking the links below.

Adding to the list...

...of things Mary Catherine does, Luxury REALTOR® in Atlanta, Georgia should be there as well. She does not remember a time when she didn't LOVE looking at homes so becoming an agent once her son was in middle school was the perfect job for her.


She enjoys all things real estate, offering her friends turned clients or clients turned friends a one-of-a-kind experience buying or selling their homes in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area.

The Details

All About Mary Catherine

A resident of...

...Acworth, Georgia when Mary Catherine is not focused on her own self-love journey or guiding others in theirs, writing or helping friends become homeowners she can be found working out at Pure Barre, cuddling her two crazy cute French Bulldogs, Adalynn and Bella, cheering on her son playing varsity basketball for the Allatoona High School Buccaneers (Let's go BUCS!) or watching horror movies in the hot tub with her husband; she has a serious obsession with horror movies! 


She would love a follow or comment on Instagram. A chat in her DM's is always welcomed and of course, feel free to reach out via email or through the contact form down below. 

Mary Catherine signs off all her writings and posts with a...